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Good Morning All,

July has been so busy, thank God, but wanted to encourage you there is still time to enjoy the awesome beauty of mountains, rushing rivers and bounty of wildlife.  Guests are loving the whitewater and scenic trips that takes in a different perspective of all the beauty that surrounds us at every turn no matter what road you take.  I might suggest taking a bike ride around town or up to the Teton Park.  The Teton Park is only 20 minutes away and Yellowstone Park southern entrance is an hour and half away.   Much hiking to do but would advise to take bear spray for safety measure.   Weather has been amazing…. sunny and 80′s, sometimes 70′s which is refreshing for those of you who are suffering from intense heat and humidity.

I have guests who have been returning every year for about as long as I have been in Jackson Hole which is 8 years.   It just thrills my soul when guests who are friends return for a visit.   Cookie and Jim from Colorado, Alan and Sue from Georgia……..thank you for coming to see me.  You encourage me more than you know.

As an innkeeper I always want to know if there is anything that I can do to improve your stay so please let me know for I care about you as a person and desire in my heart that your visit with us is memorable.  The four guests who are eating breakfast and visiting presently are having a wonderful time of engaging with each other.  Speaking of breakfast, we served homemade banana pancakes with toasted pecans/walnuts with a slice of ham as an entree.  We start each daily breakfast with an handmade yogurt parfaits.   Each breakfast is homemade from scratch, we do not purchase prepackaged preservative breakfasts.

Need to go now……….have a great day…..hope to meet you one day.

Your host………..Nancy

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