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Test Posting


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Hi, I suppose those of you who follow sports ( we do too ) thought of the big college tournaments coming up when you saw my subject.   To tell you the truth I was referring to the anticipation of spring and summer.   Also,  those of you who have made summer reservations recently mentioned you read my blogs which is terrific. 

I would like to describe more of our Inn if you care for more info.  Our Inn is a large house of 8,000 sq ft with 11 large rooms on three different levels.  The 100 rooms are value rooms located in what we call the garden level which is just below the main floor.  Each of these rooms have daylight windows casting plenty of natural light.  The 200 rooms are located on the main floor that does not require any stairs.  The 300 rooms are located on the second floor that offer the best views.  Any room that requires stairs Bradley, my husband, is available to carry any luggage.  He likes to call himself “the bell boy” amongst other jobs.  Please allow us to serve you in any way we can.

As for our breakfast we will offer a four day rotation of egg dish variations as well as gluten free whole wheat toast, english muffins, optional bakery, homemade yogurt parfaits as well as great coffee, assorted teas and orange juice.  The breakfast will be available from 7 to 9 am but if those of you who wish to leave earlier we will be more than happy to pack our notorious Grand Victorian breakfasts to go which we would either deliver the night before or morning of depending on your schedule.   If you are staying as a result of a special occasion we would be elated to serve your breakfast to your room for those special quiet moments together.   Our elegant dining room has been a source of joyous conversations and laughter over the years which makes staying at a bed and breakfast a step up from a typical motel/hotel.  We will also provide trays for you to carry your breakfast to your room, front porch or lobby.  Whatever your little heart desires we will accommodate to your wishes to the best of our ability :-)                SEE YOU SOON………NANCY AND BRADLEY              



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HI FRIENDS -   Arrived back to the mainland at Tacoma, Wa and we have internet/cell service, hallelujah and I am available for reservation calls or inquiries.  Please do not hestitate to contact me for I am eager to help in any way possible.  We will be moving Brad and his belongings the last week of March and will reopen the Inn on May 1.  Remember the May 1-21 special for any reservations two or more nights will receive 10% discount.  The national parks are scheduled to open May 15.  What a good time to visit the parks in the spring to observe animals coming out of hibernation and wildlife offspring are something to see.  

Since the economy appears to be improving we expect business to be busier this summer so please consider reserving sooner than later.  We wanted to be fair with everyone so our rate increase was only $10 this year which is below cost of living increase but that is ok for we wanted to make it possible for as many guests to stay with us.   Our location is a savings as well since we are only 12 minutes from the airport, 20 minutes from Grand Teton Park, an hour and a half from Yellowstone Park, easy walking distance to historic town of Jackson Hole from our free guest parking.   The Grand Victorian Lodge is 8,000 sq ft home that feels like home.  

Before I signoff I wanted to share a neat experience while we were in Kauai on our honeymoon.  Some guests from Kauai stayed with us last summer and thru conversation they invited us to connect with them while there.  Their names is Alex and Kaduko and he is a golf manager at Makai Golf Course and he lined us up to play golf then we had dinner together and what a time we had………such precious people and that is one of many opportunities we have had meeting guests who have stayed with us.   We do not consider our business as just business but a meeting opportunity to make friends and assist in making a memorable visit to an amazing western area of majestic mountains with expansive views!!   Eager to serve and meet you :-) )   

Your Hosts………..Brad and Nancy

Going home soon

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Hi Friends………our honeymoon is ending soon in a few days and we are anxious for the reopening of our Inn on May 1, 2012.  Very excited about our upcoming summer season and my new husband is eager to be a part of the bed and breakfast experience.  You will find him kind, caring and a super helper so whatever he and I can do for you we wish to be available to serve in whatever way possible.   We just visited the Waimea Canyon in Kauai yesterday and it sure reminded me of the Grand Canyon in Yellowstone with the enormous canyon that takes your breath away.  The beauty here in Hawaii is amazing but still reminds us of the grandeur of the Teton Mountains and the blessing of living in such a majestic creation.   Brad, my new husband, has yet to experience all of Yellowstone and wants to see it so of course, we can better help you to enjoy it.  The wildlife in Hawaii is certainly quite the contrast to the wildlife in Jackson Hole….we don’t have a rooster in Jackson who wakes you up every morning at 7 am.  Part of the charm, right?  I have spoken to so many of you who made reservations while we were in Hawaii and we really look forward to meeting you all this summer.   Please note that we are offering a May special ( May 1-21) for any 2 or more nights receive a 10% discount.  A very good rate for super low rack rates to begin with.  See you soon.

Your Hosts………..Brad and Nancy Cummins


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Howdy Everyone….just an update on a great May special.  For two or more night take 10% off any room for reservations between May 1-21.  Great deal since the rates are the lowest before high season.   In order to receive the discount special please call me at 800.584.0532 or 307.739.2294.  Ask for Nancy.   The Teton and Yellowstone Parks await you!!!!!!!


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Aloha everyone…….does that mean I am in Hawaii?  Yes, with elation.  Marriage happened and we are happy.  Presently, on honeymoon but I am still available for reservation calls.  In fact, I have taken quite a few reservations already but don’t worry there is still plenty of rooms available at this point.  I am hearing that we are receiving tons of snow right now.  By the time I return to Jackson Hole we will be more than ready to startup another great season and see our return guests and meet new guests.  I love that part!!  My new husband, Brad, is very eager to be a part of the Grand Victorian family.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions it truly is no problem.  I have noticed a lot of my new reservations are staying multiple nights which is wise when you consider visiting famous Jackson Hole, Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks.   There is so many things to do when in Jackson Hole……plays, concerts, some fabulous restaurants, biking, scenic raft and whitewater trips, horseback riding, golfing, hiking and park tours just to name a few. 

Just wanted to touch  base with you all so you didn’t think I fell off the face of the earth.  Take care, see you soon…..blessings, Nancy and Brad Cummins


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Sorry I haven’t written for awhile.  Since I closed for the first time this winter I took a trip to see family and friends then was busy with preparing for holidays.  I am hoping that all of you had a memorable Christmas and New Year’s celebration. 

Now the big event in my life will occur on January 13 when I fly with my fiance’ to Hawaii and combined families to get married.   What a blessing!  January is a big month for my future husband, Brad………not only marriage but turning 60 and retiring from 38 years of service to one company.  One does not hear of that too often in today’s world.  With Brad’s retirement he is eager to help  me with the Inn this summer.  He is even willing to be bell boy if needed so there you go……..the Grand Victorian Lodge has just added a new asset!   Thanks to all guests last year who wished me well and happiness upon hearing of my news.   I so look forward to everyone meeting him :-) )

There seems to be some positive attitude  towards the economy and do pray you will consider visiting us while experiencing historic Jackson Hole, Teton and Yellowstone Parks.    I will be available while in Hawaii if you wish to contact me….call 800.584.0532 – 307.739.2294 or my cell 307.734.9656

With hopes of seeing you again or meeting you for the first time….

Nancy and Brad Cummins


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Howdy from Jackson Hole,

We had an incredible summer and now we are in my favorite month which is September.  We offer 10% off the regular rate for any room two or more nights for September which is such a beautiful month of nice coolness and color.  In October the rates drop even more to $100 for most rooms and $150 for the deluxe fireplace rooms including the suite.  With these super reduced rates we include a complimentary coffee, juice and homemade bakery.  A reminder that we will be closing by November 1 and reopen May 1, 2012 so make your reservations online once you’ve set  your vacation dates.

What makes us special is our from scratch homemade breakfast prepared for your reserved seating which is necessary in order to give you prompt service so you can go about your day of activities.  As with good restaurants reservations are necessary because of the popularity and reputation of the restaurant so it is with us and we only have so much room to service at one time.   Of course,  most of you knew that is the way bed and breakfasts operate but every so often we have first time bed and breakfast guests stay with us which is exciting.

A personal note for those of you who know me …. I was recently engaged to a wonderful man and we will be married in January 2012 in Hawaii – pretty cool, eh?  Brad’s children as well as mine will be there with their spouses which thrills both of our hearts.   Brad will be helping me with the Inn starting next summer so those of you who return every year will get to meet him.

Try to make time for a fall getaway and enjoy the close Grand Teton and Yellowstone Parks.  Also, the Fall Arts Festival will be Sept. 8-11 which is awesome.  Here is hoping to either see you again or meet you for the first time.


So much to do….so little time

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That seems to be the case for most tourists when they come to visit Jackson Hole.   Grand Teton Park and Yellowstone alone offers so much to see and do but when visiting Jackson,  activities abound !  Biking, horseback riding, golfing, fly fishing, rodeos, whitewater rafting, float trips, hot air balloon rides, chuckwagon shows, musicals, concerts……..the list is endless.  My guests are usually tired from driving in the parks or traveling all day to get here so the easy walking downtown is just perfect for stretching their legs, breathing in the  mountain air then come back for a good night’s sleep.   They wake up to the smells of good coffee and breakfast cooking.  We served blueberry pancakes with ham slice this morning and no one left hungry.

The afternoon cookies are almost gone by evening each day.  The cookies are enjoyed while guests take off for the afternoon or can be enjoyed on our airy front or back porches.  Guys seem to really love our molasses cookies and have asked for the recipe.  We love making old fashion cookies that remind you of your grandma’s house.

Fall is just around the corner and that is my favorite time of the year.  The weather is cooler but still sunny, gorgeous and the spotted colors on the mountains sure can be breath taking.   Traffic is slightly less in September but the parks are open and wildlife roaming.  Offering a September special  ……10% off for two or more nights.  Make the selection of your favorite room on the website then book online or call me to receive the September discount.

Good night and see you soon.  Your host,



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Good Afternoon Everyone……..receiving summer rain today but it isn’t stopping my guests from enjoying their day, perhaps it will present opportunities to see more wildlife.  It has been many weeks since we have had rain so everything will be lush and green after this nouishment.  Weather is to turn nice again by the end of the week.

It is so wonderful to see my annual guest/friends…..nice to see you Larry, Leslie and Lola from San Francisco.   July was a record breaking month for the last 3-4 years, so very thankful.  What a great area to break away from the hustle and bustle of life and breathe in the crisp clean mountain air.  When you come to visit remember our altitude is at 6200 ft  here in Jackson Hole so make sure you drink lots of water while here.  Yellowstone is higher still.

My grandchildren Annika, 6 and Bridger, 2 assisted me checking in guests last night.   The guests got a big kick out of them following me while I took the guests to their room.  Annika and Bridgers parents, Todd and Jennifer, help me part-time with the Inn.  Todd does repairs and Jennifer cleans rooms……so it is a family run operation of which I am so thankful.

Well, I better get ready for my guests checking in this afternoon.  Have a wonderful day and may our paths cross someday soon.

Your Victorian Host,